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In this section you can easily find finished and unfinished projects – work in progress. See what questions are being researched right now and check out the details of our projects.

All our practical projects aim to develop useful knowledge for real-life traffic related issues.

The projects in this section are well described, making it easy to see what aspects of a certain topic or question are being covererd. The moment a project is finished, the related report will be included.

Below we have listed all ITS Edulab’s projects, finished and unfinished, in alphabetical order.

Effects of dynamic speed limits

The Dutch motorways become more and more congested because of the increasing mobility. The ambition of the national road network… Read More

Effects of truck platooning at motorway on-ramps

As automated vehicles on public roads become more common, road authorities have to consider action to facilitate their introduction. A… Read More

Evaluation of network wide traffic management

Due to delays in the construction of new roads, measures to improve the performance of existing roads are an important… Read More

FastLane: modelling and simulation of traffic flow

Fastlane is a software tool that can can be used for short term prediction of the traffic flow on freeways.… Read More

HOT lanes – Implementation issues in the Netherlands

The road network in the Netherlands can be considered as saturated with considerable levels ofcongestion. To meet the rising problems,… Read More

Impact of in-car traffic information

The most basic form of in-car navigation has proven to be a good application to guide travellers to their destination.… Read More

Impact of National Data Ware-house on traffic information

At the end of the year 2008, the National Data Warehouse (NDW, in Dutch: Nationale Databank Wegverkeersgegevens) will become operational… Read More

Improving evacuation modelling

EVAQ is a new traffic model for analyzing evacuation plans and evacuations of entire regions. For evacuations an accurate representation… Read More

In-vehicle sensor data for traffic management

Common current methods to measure traffic include induction loops, license plate recognition cameras, radar, laser and GSM. In the Netherlands,… Read More

In-vehicle sensor data for traffic management II

Greater accessibility in the Netherlands is a goal that is being pursued for a long time. With regard to transportation… Read More