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FastLane: modelling and simulation of traffic flow

Fastlane is a software tool that can can be used for short term prediction of the traffic flow on freeways. The online version of Fastlane can be used for example by control centres to test several scenarios after an incident has occured. The operational processes in Fastlane Online can be split up in two parts. First a state estimate has to be made: what is the situation at this moment? Thereafter it computes and visualizes the new state after implementation of a scenario. In this project the focus is on the second part: modelling and prediction of the traffic flow. The main challenge is to do the computations both fast and with an accurate result.

Start date: September 1, 2007
End date: March 20, 2013

Research topic:
Traffic management

Research question:
Operational traffic management

Multi-class continuum traffic flow models