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In this section you can easily find finished and unfinished projects – work in progress. See what questions are being researched right now and check out the details of our projects.

All our practical projects aim to develop useful knowledge for real-life traffic related issues.

The projects in this section are well described, making it easy to see what aspects of a certain topic or question are being covererd. The moment a project is finished, the related report will be included.

Below we have listed all ITS Edulab’s projects, finished and unfinished, in alphabetical order.

Coordination of ramp metering control in a motorway network

This graduation project studies a new control algorithm for ramp metering. Ramp metering has been introduced on the Amsterdam A10 motorway ringroad almost 20 years… Read More

Coordination of traffic control with in-car route guidance

Traffic control measures aim at improving traffic conditions or minimizing externalities caused by road traffic. These measures are usually optimized… Read More

Data fusion of loop detection and travel time measurements

Traffic management needs a good estimation of the current situation on the road network. The project investigates if data fusion… Read More

Dealing with daily traffic congestion and its probabilistic nature

In the past decades, traffic congestion on the Dutch motorway network has developed into a serious problem. The extension of… Read More

Design and evaluation of integrated traffic management in Beijing

Beijing, the capacity city of China, is experiencing astonishing development in the past decade. Accompanied by economic development is the… Read More

Dynamic OD matrix estimation using floating car data

Travel demand in terms of an Origin-Destination (OD) matrix is an essential input for network traffic assignment and traffic simulation… Read More

Effect of speed limits on the capacity

Many sections of freeways in the Netherlands have experienced an increase in the legal limit since the implementation of the 130… Read More

Effectiveness of ramp metering with automated vehicles

As a self-organizing system, the traffic system is quite complicated. There are many disturbance factors to lead to various traffic… Read More

Effectiveness of rush-hour lanes and plus-lanes

Managed lanes have been operational in the Netherlands since 1996. They are intended as a measure to increase capacity without… Read More

Effects of DTM on the MFD for large networks

Recently, a new concept called macroscopic fundamental diagram (MFD) was proposed, relating trip completion rate and the number of vehicles… Read More