Connecting operational topics
with scientific research

ITS Edulab is the Dutch traffic and transport laboratory for students. In ITS Edulab students from the Delft University of Technology solve traffic related issues with short term research for Rijkswaterstaat, the Dutch motorway operator. In this way the institute connects real-life, operational topics with scientific research.

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Latest developments

Start project Priya Ramakrishnan

Priya Ramakrishnan has started to work on her MSc project about the minimisation of CO2-emissions due to road works. The… Read More

Defense Stefan Klomp

On Tuesday May 12th, 2020, Stefan Klomp defended his MSc thesis on a new microscopic control algorithm for ramp metering.… Read More

Defense Moyu Zhou

On Friday November 29th, 2019, Moyu Zhou defended her MSc thesis on the effetiveness of ramp metering with a mix… Read More

Start project William van Lindonk

William van Lindonk has started his MSc project about the impact of speed limits on the capacity of the road.… Read More

Start project Jeffrey Geudeke

Jeffrey Geudeke has started to work on his MSc project about the intelligent control of intersections. The project develops and tests new… Read More

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Latest Reports

Ramp metering: A microscopic control approach – A case study in the Netherlands

Efforts have been undertaken to reduce congestion levels on the road. A traffic management solution that does not rely on… Read More

Analysis of current Dutch traffic management effectiveness with automated vehicles: a ramp-metering case study

Automated vehicles are conventional vehicles equipped with advanced sensors, controller and actuators. They achieve intelligent information exchange with the environment… Read More

Active platoon formation in congestion with Dynamic Dedicated Lane Sections

In order to find a solution for congestion many studies research and implement automated driving (AD). This research considers connected… Read More

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