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Connecting operational topics
with scientific research

ITS Edulab is the Dutch traffic and transport laboratory for students. In ITS Edulab students from the Delft University of Technology solve traffic related issues with short term research for Rijkswaterstaat, the Dutch motorway operator. In this way the institute connects real-life, operational topics with scientific research. Read more about ITS Edulab…

Open Research questions


In the Netherlands there is a complex road network of about 140.000 kilometers, of which 5.500 kilometers are national roads.… Read More

Lane changing behaviour on motorways and other roads

On motorways, lane change decisions and choices have not been fully understood. This is especially true at interacting bottlenecks where… Read More

Value of macroscopic dynamic traffic assignment models

This research focuses on the comparison of  existing macroscopic DTA-models. The comparison should focus on the functionality and properties of… Read More

How to plan road works?

For the planning of road works Rijkswaterstaat is looking for a fast and simple method to estimate the effects of road works… Read More

Flexible infrastructure

Although traffic demand fluctuates throughout the day, the infrastructure present to accommodate that demand is mostly fixed. Notable exceptions are… Read More

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Latest Reports

Resilience in road networks

The resilience of a road network indicates the magnitude and consequences of a disruption, which can be events such as… Read More

Understanding Drivers’ Lane Choice Behavior at Pre-Signalized Intersections

The pre-signal is an additional traffic light (i.e. stop line) upstream of the main coordinated intersection that separates directional traffic… Read More

Greenhouse gas emissions from road works

During the previous century the transportation sector has been identified as one of the largest carbon footprint contributors. Emissions from… Read More

Shortening signal timings of vehicle-actuated controllers by using communicating, automated vehicles

Intersections are the bottleneck of traffic flow. Vehicle-actuated control improved the delay at an intersection by making the green phase… Read More

Implementing policy strategies to stimulate teleworking

Travel volumes on the Dutch main road network have been steadily increasing since 2013. The increase of traffic volumes resulted… Read More

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