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In this section you can easily find finished and unfinished projects – work in progress. See what questions are being researched right now and check out the details of our projects.

All our practical projects aim to develop useful knowledge for real-life traffic related issues.

The projects in this section are well described, making it easy to see what aspects of a certain topic or question are being covererd. The moment a project is finished, the related report will be included.

Below we have listed all ITS Edulab’s projects, finished and unfinished, in alphabetical order.

Separating traffic flows: when and how?

It needs to be noted that there is not one definition for unbundling (separation of traffic flows). However, the main… Read More

Short-term prediction of traffic operations in traffic control centers

Currently the traffic managers base their decisions mainly on experience: they implicitly estimate the traffic state at hand and the… Read More

Simulating coordinated traffic management with DYNASMART

Every transportation infrastructure has a limited capacity and if there are too many vehicles attempt to use it, congestion will… Read More

Strategies for lane change choice

In practice, microscopic traffic simulation models are often used for the analysis and management of transport systems. These models simulate… Read More

The relation between traffic flow and lane width

In The Netherlands lanes are reduced in with if they are used as a peak-hour lane or during road works.… Read More

Traffic flow and safety during incidents

Congestion can have several causes. Whenever these causes are unpredictable, we talk of an incident. Breakdowns, accidents, loss of cargo… Read More

Traffic signal control in the transition from manual to automated driving

Switching from human-driven vehicles (HDV) to automated vehicles (AV) is assumed to decrease emissions, improve safety and traffic delay. Before… Read More