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In this section you can easily find finished and unfinished projects – work in progress. See what questions are being researched right now and check out the details of our projects.

All our practical projects aim to develop useful knowledge for real-life traffic related issues.

The projects in this section are well described, making it easy to see what aspects of a certain topic or question are being covererd. The moment a project is finished, the related report will be included.

Below we have listed all ITS Edulab’s projects, finished and unfinished, in alphabetical order.

Incident detection with loop data

Currently, Rijkswaterstaat employs an algorithm for detecting incidents on a limited number of road sections. This algorithm is based on… Read More

Integrating roadside speed control with ramp metering

Traffic congestion on freeways is a serious problem in most countries, with manifold adverse effects − from lost vehicle hours,… Read More

Intelligent control of intersections

A lot of time and energy is wasted when vehicles are waiting for an intersection while nobody is moving. To… Read More

Lane Choice Behaviour for Traffic Signals

Driving behaviour can be expressed as lateral and longitudinal actions. The latter mainly refers to the well-known car-following model. Pre-signals… Read More

Microscopic ramp metering

Congestion on the Dutch highway system has been increasing over the last years. Road sections that contribute to the emergence… Read More

Minimisation of CO2-emissions due to road works

During a large-scale infrastructure project, there is two main causes of emission. At first, there are emissions from materials of… Read More

Modelling merging behaviour on a freeway on-ramp

Microscopic traffic simulation models are an important tool for transport system analysis and management. Within these models lane-changing is an… Read More

Multi-objective traffic management for livability

The Dutch freeway network is highly developed. Almost every town and city is connected with freeways, some of which are… Read More

Optimal adaptive control approach for ramp metering

Traffic control measures aim at improving traffic conditions. Traffic control measures have been implemented and tested in practice. One of… Read More

Optimising merging behaviour through ITS

Our world is constantly shifting and the pace of change is only increasing. Perhaps, the most important change is the… Read More