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In this section you can easily find finished and unfinished projects – work in progress. See what questions are being researched right now and check out the details of our projects.

All our practical projects aim to develop useful knowledge for real-life traffic related issues.

The projects in this section are well described, making it easy to see what aspects of a certain topic or question are being covererd. The moment a project is finished, the related report will be included.

Below we have listed all ITS Edulab’s projects, finished and unfinished, in alphabetical order.

Allocating departure time slots to optimise capacity

The main idea of the project is to allocate time slots (or slices) to traffic using on-ramps of the A15… Read More

Alternative routes A15 Maasvlakte – Vaanplein

The harbour of Rotterdam is one of the largest harbours in the world. To maintain this position accessibility by road… Read More

An assessment framework for a speed policy

For many years (to be precise since 1957) a ‘speed limit’ has been applied on Dutch motorways. Such a speed… Read More

Analysis of scenarios using multi-class dynamic traffic management

In the fall of 2011 the reconstruction of the A15 from the Maasvlake to junction Vaanplein, also known as the… Read More

Application of the MFD: Subnetwork Perimeter Control

As welfare increases in a region or a country, it is common for the mobility of its inhabitants to increase… Read More

Assessment of non-recurrent congestion on Dutch motorways

Congestion on freeways is a growing problem that nowadays can be seen all over the world. It occurs when the… Read More

Bottlenecks in road networks due to incidents

A project has been started to investigate methods for determining bottlenecks in road networks due to incidents. Various methods are possible… Read More

Control strategy for truck platoons at signalised intersections

Even though a lot of automated driving systems are on the market, the need to resolve traffic congestion and to… Read More

Controlling sub-networks with MFD

The amount of vehicles and therefor the density of roads increased a lot in the Netherlands. Controlling the traffic at… Read More

Coordination of controlled intersections and on-ramp metering

When congestion occurs on a highway in an urban environment, an effective strategy is to use ramp metering. Ramp metering… Read More