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Coordination of ramp metering control in a motorway network

This graduation project studies a new control algorithm for ramp metering. Ramp metering has been introduced on the Amsterdam A10 motorway ringroad almost 20 years ago. In the near future, the remaining main on-ramps along the A10 will be equipped with ramp metering systems as well. Besides that, a new algorithm (HERO) for coordinated control of the whole ramp metering system will be implemented. However, the effects and consequences of this implementation are not clear to the Dutch motorway operator Rijkswaterstaat. Hence, the main objective of the project is to do an ex-ante study, using a simulation model, assessing the new control algorithm by comparing coordinated ramp metering with individual control. Possible improvements of the HERO algorithm will be investigated within the project as well.

Start date: January 2, 2008
End date: July 23, 2008

Research topic:
Traffic management

Research question:
Improvement ramp metering

A possible new adaptive control approach for ramp metering
Coordination of ramp metering control in motorway networks