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Every report that is published by ITS Edulab since its foundation in 2006 is published on this website. The growing knowledge bank is a showcase of what ITS Edulab and its students stand for.

New students will get a better idea of the challenges in their preferred area of traffic related sciences. But first of all, the papers help road authorities and other professionals in their work to provide us with a better and safer road network.

Please note that the reports on this site are copyright protected and that only fair use is possible.

Dynamic OD matrix estimation using floating car data

This report describes the research done to develop a new method that estimates an a-priori matrix from measured floating car data… Read More

Dynamische maximumsnelheden: uitbreiding en toepassing

The Dutch motorways are becoming more and more congested due to the increasing mobility. It is however not possible to… Read More

Empirical investigation of strategy-based lane change choice

In practice, microscopic traffic simulation models are often used for the analysis and management of transport systems. These models simulate… Read More

Energy efficient electric vehicle platooning at signalized intersections

Growth of mobility for people and goods transportation has been increasing steadily over the years. With the perpetual increase in… Read More

Evaluating multi-class model predictive control

Traffic control is the part of dynamic traffic management in which traffic management measures are controlled to optimize the capacity… Read More

Ex-post evaluation of network-wide DynamicTraffic Management

Dynamic Traffic Management (DTM) is a means to increase road infrastructure efficiency. Decision-making about DTM in the Netherlands is hampered… Read More

Gaining new insights regarding traffic congestion

In the past decades, traffic congestion on the Dutch motorway network has developed into a serious problem, causing large costs… Read More

Greenhouse gas emissions from road works

During the previous century the transportation sector has been identified as one of the largest carbon footprint contributors. Emissions from… Read More

HOT lanes – Implementation considerations and assessment

The road network in the Netherlands can be considered as saturated with considerable levels of congestion. Not so long ago,… Read More

Impacts of truck platooning at motorway on-ramps

This report addresses automated driving (AD) of trucks in platoons: truck platooning. Truck platooning is defined as two or more… Read More