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Every report that is published by ITS Edulab since its foundation in 2006 is published on this website. The growing knowledge bank is a showcase of what ITS Edulab and its students stand for.

New students will get a better idea of the challenges in their preferred area of traffic related sciences. But first of all, the papers help road authorities and other professionals in their work to provide us with a better and safer road network.

Please note that the reports on this site are copyright protected and that only fair use is possible.

Assessment of Non-Recurrent Congestion on Dutch Motorways

Congestion is a problem that nowadays is facing people all over the world. It affects (in different degrees) developed countries as… Read More

Automatische incident detectie met behulp van meetlusgegevens

This report describes several algorithms for incident detection. An algorithm based on lane data was specified and tested. This algorithm… Read More

Blik op het wegennet

This report describes the possibilities of video monitoring in the Netherlands. The systems and algorithms for video detection have been… Read More

Concept design and evaluation of traffic management in Beijing

Different kinds of traffic management measures have been practiced and researched, showing their potential in dealing with congestion. While the traffic background… Read More

Congestion minimisation by optimising merging behaviour through Intelligent Transportation Systems

The main cause of congestion is the highway demand exceeding the capacity. Especially in bottleneck locations, congestion is more easily… Read More

Coordinated signal control for urban networks by using MFD

Dynamic Traffic Management (DTM) is preferred rather than the construction of new roads to increase traffic performance. DTM measures are… Read More

Coordination of ramp metering control in motorway networks

This MSc report studies a new ramp metering algorithm. Ramp metering has been introduced on the Amsterdam A10 beltway several years ago.… Read More

Datafusie van detectielusgegevens en reistijdmetingen

This report describes research done on determining the state of the traffic on a road, using data from loop detectors… Read More

Design of a subnetwork controller based on MFD’s and perimeter flows

The traffic state of a road network can be described by a so called macroscopic fundamental diagram (MFD). In this… Read More

Design of an urban traffic controller that incorporates route advice given by in-vehicle navigation systems

Increased mobility has caused a constant increase in the amount of traffic since the introduction of the first cars in… Read More