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Every report that is published by ITS Edulab since its foundation in 2006 is published on this website. The growing knowledge bank is a showcase of what ITS Edulab and its students stand for.

New students will get a better idea of the challenges in their preferred area of traffic related sciences. But first of all, the papers help road authorities and other professionals in their work to provide us with a better and safer road network.

Please note that the reports on this site are copyright protected and that only fair use is possible.

Route guidance and signal control based on the back-pressure algorithm

Bad traffic conditions can be improved by regulating traffic demand and network capacity. Dynamic Traffic Management (DTM) systems allocate temporal… Read More

Separation of freeway traffic flows by dynamic lane assignment

The thesis deals with the separation of freeway traffic using dynamic lane assignment. Different user groups or vehicle types can… Read More

Short-term traffic prediction in road traffic control centres

The current state-of-the-practice in the Dutch operational road traffic management is mostly based on experience: the traffic manager judges the… Read More

Speed limits and their effect on capacity

In this thesis an investigation is performed into the effects of different speed limits on capacity. Much is known about… Read More

The Effect of Network Structure and Signal Settings on the MFD

Recently it has been proposed that the performance of a complete network can be represented graphically using only aggregated data… Read More

The influence of dynamic route guidance systems on traffic management

At the end of 2007 a new route guidance application for individual road travellers became available: a dynamic route guidance… Read More

Unbundling of traffic flows

The study has been conducted in order to develop a method to determine in which situations unbundling (i.e. the separation… Read More

Using speed limits to prevent congestion at fixed infrastructural bottlenecks

Traffic management measures are implemented successfully in practice like in the Field Operational Test 'Praktijkproef Amsterdam'. The situation on freeways… Read More

Veiligheid en doorstroming rond incidenten

This report is the result of research on the relation between incident management (IM) and its effects on traffic flow and… Read More

Verkeersinformatie vanuit de NDW

The traffic information provision in The Netherlands will experience quit drastic changes in the coming years. This stems from the… Read More