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Concept design and evaluation of traffic management in Beijing

Different kinds of traffic management measures have been practiced and researched, showing their potential in dealing with congestion. While the traffic background in Beijing is very different from other cities, the traffic problems thus are not likely to be the same. Accordingly, the effect of measures experienced in foreign cities is doubted to be applicable in Beijing. The objective of the research was to investigate traffic characteristics in Beijing, conceptually design traffic management measures and schemes specific to the Beijing situation, predict and evaluate the potential of traffic management in improving the traffic in Beijing.

The first part of the study aims to answer the first research question. The need for traffic management is investigated with traffic theories and policy aspect discussed utilizing TRAIL framework. The general traffic management approaches are to review with literature and research fact sheets. Afterwards, based on the fact sheets and field survey, the traffic system background in Beijing is described and given analysis. Traffic features and problems are afterwards pointed out. The tailored local measures are then designed based on the findings, a theoretical effect is presented. In the second part a case study is carried out to further investigate the practical potential of traffic management. The effects of measures are accessed by model simulation approach. Software is chosen based on the simulation objective and software availability. The study area network model is then set up and calibration conducted to some extent. The results obtained by the initial model are used then as a benchmark to observe the improvement offered by the different control measures adopted. Afterwards, possible measure responsive integration approach is considered for a non-recurrent situation under different scenarios. The modelling performance is compared and discussed on several selected criteria

Based on the findings of previous parts, a discussion is given on the detailed traffic management implementation requirements, related to a technical and organizational perspective. A reflection on the reference Dutch case is given. Also recommendations are provided for Beijing government on the traffic issues.

Publication date: September 16, 2010
Download report: MSc_Thesis_Luyi_Weng

Research topic:
Traffic management

Research question:
Network wide traffic management

Design and evaluation of integrated traffic management in Beijing