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Allocating departure time slots to optimise capacity

The main idea of the project is to allocate time slots (or slices) to traffic using on-ramps of the A15 motorway to optimise dynamic network capacity and to minimise the total travel time, both on the motorway and ramps. Based on the traffic on the congested links, the problem origins can be identified in the specific time slots. Then for each problem origin, with given time slots, the adjustment in time slots can be carried out, so that these over-capacity traffic volume can be moved to the other time-slots with left-over capacity. This is actually moving over-capacity flows to those under-capacity flows, using departure time slots shifting. An optimisation is performed to minimize the total system travel time and to create an acceptable traffic pattern, meaning that the metered demands have been determined at the on-ramps. In the process, dynamic traffic assignment on the A15 motorway with different time slots is carried out to represent the dynamic states of traffic. Once new time slots are known, travelers will optimize their own departure time to avoid the waiting time on ramps. This is of particular interests for both the network system and individuals, to avoid network-wide congestion and to optimise personal time allocation.

Start date: March 26, 2008
End date: December 9, 2008

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Allocating departure time slot to optimize dynamic network capacity