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Research questions

The ITS Edulab research program is above all practical: the program aims to solve real-life traffic related issues. Rijkswaterstaat, the operator of the Dutch main road network, formulates the research questions in cooperation with people from the educational institutes.

The questions are published on this website. Students can then choose a research question for their master thesis. They’ll start a project, that will result in a scientifical report.

Below we have listed all current research questions in alphabetical order.

Separating traffic flows

There can be several ways to handle traffic flows separately. A distinction can be made between vehicle types (person cars… Read More

Speed limits and their effects

Since 1974 speed limits have been applied to Dutch motorways and sometimes they have been changed. The standard speed limits… Read More

Traffic information and its impact on network flow operations

Traffic information comes in different forms. Queue length information and travel time information is provided via road-side systems, real-time information… Read More

Traffic management for exceptional circumstances

The possibilities of the transport system to detail with exceptional circumstances is becoming more and more important. Exceptional circumstances (large… Read More

Traffic models

The use of traffic models started with the optimisation of traffic signal control plans, but since then a lot of… Read More

Value of macroscopic dynamic traffic assignment models

This research focuses on the comparison of  existing macroscopic DTA-models. The comparison should focus on the functionality and properties of… Read More

Video detection

In The Netherlands the standard detection method is to use loops in the road surface. The loops are used for… Read More

VMS panels cause congestion?

VMS panels are widely used to provide information to road users. For instance, they indicate congestion downstream the location of… Read More

Weather and traffic

It is known that weather conditions have a large impact on traffic operations. Capacity of the road drops when it rains… Read More

What can be learned from international road pricing?

Road pricing is seen as one of the feasible measures both to reduce congestion as well as to better distribute… Read More