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Research questions

The ITS Edulab research program is above all practical: the program aims to solve real-life traffic related issues. Rijkswaterstaat, the operator of the Dutch main road network, formulates the research questions in cooperation with people from the educational institutes.

The questions are published on this website. Students can then choose a research question for their master thesis. They’ll start a project, that will result in a scientifical report.

Below we have listed all current research questions in alphabetical order.

How to deal with the probabilistic nature of traffic?

Traffic is probabilistic by its nature. This is due to variances in the traffic itself, such as the driver population, vehicle types,… Read More

How to influence travel behaviour?

People are used to travel to a certain destination on a certain time with a preferred mode. What can be… Read More

How to limit the impact of large scale road maintenance?

In The Netherlands, large scale road maintenance works are planned for the next years. These works may cause huge impacts… Read More

How to plan road works?

For the planning of road works Rijkswaterstaat is looking for a fast and simple method to estimate the effects of road works… Read More

Impact of in-car traffic information

In-car traffic information is maturing. Navigation systems that use real-time traffic data to provide information and guidance to the driver… Read More

Impact of information format and content

VMS's (so-called DRIP's) can be deployed to provide queue length information or travel time information on available route alternatives. It… Read More

Improvement ramp metering

Ramp metering an important traffic management measure in The Netherlands. Around the big cities a lot of ramp metering systems have… Read More

Incident management and safety

Incident management improves safety and reduces delay. In principle, delay can be measured such that it can be used to estimate… Read More

Lane changing behaviour on motorways and other roads

On motorways, lane change decisions and choices have not been fully understood. This is especially true at interacting bottlenecks where… Read More

Motorway signalling system

The Dutch motorways are equipped with the motorway signalling system. This system warns for oncoming queues and may also be… Read More