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Research questions

The ITS Edulab research program is above all practical: the program aims to solve real-life traffic related issues. Rijkswaterstaat, the operator of the Dutch main road network, formulates the research questions in cooperation with people from the educational institutes.

The questions are published on this website. Students can then choose a research question for their master thesis. They’ll start a project, that will result in a scientifical report.

Below we have listed all current research questions in alphabetical order.

Multimodal traffic management

Traffic management in urban networks is considerably more complicated as a great variety of transport modalities with different characteristics are… Read More

National Data Warehouse and its implications

The National Data Warehouse (NDW) is a new initiative of the Ministry of Transportation, the different road authorities and municipalities.… Read More

Network wide traffic management

In The Netherlands dynamic traffic management has always been implemented and operated on a local level. In recent years developments have been… Read More

New traffic management measures

A lot of traffic management measures have been tested and implemented in The Netherlands. Well-known examples are ramp metering, motorway… Read More

OD estimation

For dynamic traffic (assignment) models an OD matrix is an important input. Normally, an OD matrix from a traffic survey… Read More

Operational traffic management

Operators in traffic control centres continuously monitor traffic and react if an incident occurs. If necessary they contact the police… Read More

Real-time traffic monitoring by in-car technology

Traditionally, traffic detection is achieved via so-called inductive loops. In fact, many of the Dutch motorways are equipped with a… Read More

Reduced width traffic lanes

In order to make better use of existing roads, the lane width may be reduced so that more lanes are… Read More

Relation safety and traffic operations

It seems that safety and traffic operations are two conflicting sides of traffic. Normally, improving safety leads to negative impacts… Read More


In the Netherlands there is a complex road network of about 140.000 kilometers, of which 5.500 kilometers are national roads.… Read More