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Predicting travel times during road works

With continued improvements and large-scale maintenance planned for much of the Dutch highway network, a number of large-scale roadworks are planned to start in the coming years. In an effort to inform road users of the delays that they might face for future roadworks even before the works begin, a new method for a-priori travel time predictions is proposed. Using this, road users can be informed and plan in advance.

To this extent extensive research will be performed to acquire a solid knowledge base for determining both capacities and traffic demand in the future situations under road works before the road works have begun in earnest. This will be implemented in a model for travel time predictions. The main challenge in this research lies in the fact that the precise traffic situations in the roadworks have yet to be realized and therefore the predictive power of the method needs to respond to this. The input information for the method will be the roadwork plans and the current non-works conditions of traffic on the road.

The research will result in a method, possibility worked out in an implemented tool. Such a method can be used independently or integrated into a travel planner. The developed method may also have the possibility to be used for roadwork planning.

Start date: May 18, 2009
End date: January 6, 2010

Research topic:
Traffic information
Road construction and maintenance

Research question:
How to limit the impact of large scale road maintenance?

A-priori travel time predictor for long term roadworks on motorways