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Simulating coordinated traffic management with DYNASMART

Every transportation infrastructure has a limited capacity and if there are too many vehicles attempt to use it, congestion will occur. The large amount of car users on the road leads to congestion, especially in rush hours, which increase of the travel time and pollution and reduction of safety.

The A10 ring road around the city of Amsterdam is one of busiest freeways in The Netherlands. To improve the traffic situation and the reliability of the travel times on the southern part of the Amsterdam network, a project called traffic management trial Amsterdam (in Dutch: “Praktijkproef Verkeersmanagement Amsterdam”) has been proposed and many intelligent transport systems have been introduced to the network. Research has shown that Dynamic Traffic Management (DTM) measures can improve the traffic flows on the whole network, not only on, but also around the A10. Furthermore, coordination of DTM measures shows a bright future of traffic management in urban transport.

In this project, the first part is to investigate the potential of integrated DTM measures in the network around the A10 ring road. By implementing various DTM measures such as: congestion warning VMS, detour VMS, ramp metering and coordinate signals, several scenarios with different control strategies will be compared by simulation with DYNASMART-P. Then an assessment will be given regarding the simulation results as well as an evaluation of the suitabilitiy of DYNASMART-P. Finally, advice will be given base on the simulation result to some principles for DTM coordinated measures used in urban transport. The second part of this project is to make adjustment to DYNASMART-P. This part includes finding the unfit features in the software, adjusting DYNASMART-P, giving evaluation and assessment of it. In the end, some proposals of DYNASMART-P will be brought forward to be discussed.

Start date: January 6, 2010
End date: June 28, 2012

Research topic:
Traffic management

Research question:
Network wide traffic management

A framework for the modelling and ex-ante evaluation of coordinated network management