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Big data for traffic management

Big data is everywhere. But how can it be used in urban traffic management? Or in traffic information services that can help manage the traffic in a city? This is a rather generic research question that cab be easily divided into smaller questions, such as: 

  • What kind of big data are we talking about? What would be useful if you want to manage traffic?
  • How can big data help us understand and predict when and where traffic management is needed (oversaturated intersections, events, bad weather, severe incidents)?
  • What data are available (“open data”) to road authorities, service providers and/or application developers? What data would they have to purchase (and would that be cost effective)?
  • What kind of applications/services could be built that offer more than existing applications/services? Or: How could existing applications/services be enhanced with big data?

Start date:
January 1, 2020

Research topic:
Traffic management

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