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Alternatieve routes A15 Maasvlakte-Vaanplein

The port of Rotterdam is one of the biggest ports in the world. The accessibility by road is vulnerable. Highway A15 is the hinterland connection of the port, but the recurrent congestion and the high number of incidents cause long delays and unreliable travel times. Also, the large scale road works Rijkswaterstaat is planning will not improve the situation during these road works. Beside other traffic management measures, route guidance is a way to improve the usage of the infrastructure. In this thesis, a route guidance control strategy to divert traffic, based on travel times on certain routes, was developed. This control strategy was tested for several different scenarios using the micro simulation model VISSIM. It was found that the application of the control strategy does not lead to significant improvement.  Which is disappointing, but still a valuable result. The main reasons for these results are the frequent openings of the Botlekbridge and the high travel times on the secondary road network. Improvement of this situation could be achieved by focussing on bridge openings of the Botlekbridge. 

Publication date: October 22, 2008
Download report: MSc_Thesis_Jop_Vlaar

Research topic:
Traffic management

Research question:
How to limit the impact of large scale road maintenance?

Alternative routes A15 Maasvlakte – Vaanplein