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Planning and management for exceptional circumstances

Exceptional events, like natural disasters, attacks and extreme weather, cause much economic and social damage. However, casualties caused by these events could (partly) be avoided. Therefore, efficient evacuation of the population out of a threatened region is necessary. In this research the planning and management for exceptional circumstances will be researched. The focus is on evacuation, but besides it can give insights for less extreme situations wherein no evacuation is needed.

To obtain an efficient evacuation, the evacuation can be controlled in several ways. In the first place, the authority therefore can give instructions to the evacuees including their departure times, destinations and routes. Secondly, all kind of information can be given to the evacuees, for example about the threatening of the hazard or the status of the network. Thirdly, traffic management can be applied.

In this project will be searched for an appropriate combination of all evacuation measures for an arbitrary combination of region and hazard. Therefore, an optimization method will be developed. The robustness of the method is highly important because of the uncertainties in the evacuation problem (in the hazard and the behavior of people).

Start date: December 1, 2008
End date: February 18, 2013

Research topic:
Traffic information

Research question:
Traffic management for exceptional circumstances

Robust model-based optimization of evacuation guidance