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Defense William van Lindonk

On Thursday September 10th, 2020, the (virual) defense of the MSc thesis of William van Linkdonk took place. His thesis is Speed limits and their effect on capacity and deals with the analysis of data to determine the influence of different speed limits on the capacity of the road.

Start project Priya Ramakrishnan

Priya Ramakrishnan has started to work on her MSc project about the minimisation of CO2-emissions due to road works. The project will investigate how road works can be planned (in time) and set up (e.g. lane configurations) in such a way that CO2-emissions will be minimal.

Defense Stefan Klomp

On Tuesday May 12th, 2020, Stefan Klomp defended his MSc thesis on a new microscopic control algorithm for ramp metering. His report has the title Ramp metering: a microscopic control approach – A case study for the Netherlands.

Defense Moyu Zhou

On Friday November 29th, 2019, Moyu Zhou defended her MSc thesis on the effetiveness of ramp metering with a mix of automated vehicles. Her report is titled Analysis of Current Dutch Traffic Management Effectiveness with Automated Vehicles: A Ramp Metering Case Study.

Start project William van Lindonk

William van Lindonk has started his MSc project about the impact of speed limits on the capacity of the road. In the past years various changes in speed limits have occurred in the Netherlands. The impact on capacity of some of these changes is investigated in this project.

Start project Jeffrey Geudeke

Jeffrey Geudeke has started to work on his MSc project about the intelligent control of intersections. The project develops and tests new control strategies using parametrised control and a prediction model. The control strategies are calibrated and compared with traditional ones using microscopic simulation, for a number of intersections on the N14 near The Hague.

Start project Raj Kumar Muniyandi

On September 1st, 2019 Raj Kumar Muniyandi started his MSc project on developing an eco-driving control strategy for truck platooning at signalized intersections.

Start project Moyu Zhou

Moyu Zhou started working on her MSc project on the effectiveness of traffic management measures if automated vehicles start to enter the market. The project investigates the effectiveness of ramp metering for different penetration rates.

Defense Aiko Dokter

On Monday September 17th, 2018 Aiko Dokter defended his MSc thesis on strategies for active platoon formation in mixed traffic (normal and automated vehicles) under contested circumstances. His report is titled Active platoon formation in congestion with Dynamic Dedicated Lane Sections (DDLSs).

Defense Sander van Maarseveen

Sander van Maarseveen defended on Tuesday December 12th, 2017, his MSc thesis on the impacts of truck platooning at motorway on-ramps. His report is titled Impacts of Truck Platooning at Motorway On-ramps – Analysis of traffic performance and safety effects of different platooning strategies and platoon configurations using microscopic simulation.