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Start project Aiko Dokter

Aiko Dokter has started to work on his MSc project about platooning strategies for cooperative automated vehicles (CAVs). The project develops and tests platooning strategies under different circumstances, but always in mixed traffic with low penetration rates of CAVs. The strategies can be spontaneous ones or designed and they are tested with simulation.

Start project Sander van Maarseveen

Sander van Maarseveen started his project on the effects of truck platooning on merging. The project investigates what the traffic performance and safety effects of truck platooning on the motorway are, in the situation of conventional vehicles merging at an on-ramp and for different platooning strategies and platoon configurations.

Start project Liza Hodenius

Start master thesis project of Liza Hodenius on unbundling of traffic. The project investigates under which circumstances it is good to unbundle (separate) traffic flows. The research will use simulation to determine the effects and will result in a decision tree.

Start project Marco de Baat

Start master thesis project of Marco de Baat on choosing lane change strategies. The project investigates which lane change strategies people apply under which circumstances. This is done using a driving experiment and a questionnaire.