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Defense Tjitske Baert

On Monday December 18th, 2023, Tjitske Baert defended her MSc thesis on the characteristics and metrics of resilient road networks. Her report is titled Resilience in road networks.

Defense Robbin van Rooijen

On Monday November 27th, 2023, Robbin van Rooijen defended his MSc thesis on the lane choice behaviour of drivers going from a pre-signal to the main signal. His report is titled Understanding Drivers’ Lane Choice Behavior at Pre-Signalized Intersections – Examining Implications for Efficiency and Applicability of Pre-Signal Use for Regular Traffic.

Start project Tjitske Baert

On February 13th, 2023, Tjitske Baert started her MSc project on the resilience of road networks and how to take that into account in network design and management.

Start project Robbin van Rooijen

On December 1st 2022, Robbin van Rooijen started his MSc project on the lane choice behaviour in the sorted area of intersections with pre-signals.

Defense Priya Ramakrishnan

On Tuesday October 26th, 2021, Priya Ramakrishnan defended her MSc thesis on the emission of greenhouse gasses due to diverting traffic as a result from road works. Her report is titled Greenhouse gas emissions from road works – Case study for Amsterdam region to analyse different planning approaches .

Defense Femke van Giessen

On Friday August 27th, 2021, Femke van Giessen defended her MSc thesis on the improvements of vehicle-actuated control for the mixed period with human-driven and automated vehicles. Her report is titled Shortening signal timings of vehicle-actuated controllers by using communicating, automated vehicles, in the transition period from fully human-driven vehicles to fully autonomous vehicles.

Defense Dennis Begheijn

On May 7th, 2021, Dennis Begheijn defended his thesis, titled Implementing policy strategies to stimulate teleworking. This report deals with the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on teleworking in the Netherlands and which policy strategies are feasible to persist the positive impacts on travel behaviour.

Start project Femke van Giessen

On February 8th, 2021, Femke van Giessen started her MSc project on the improvement of traffic signal control in the transition period from manual to automated driving.

Defense Raj Kumar Muniyandi

On December 16th, 2020 Raj Kumar Muniyandi defended his MSc thesis, entitled Energy efficient electric vehicle platooning at signalized intersections, on developing an eco-driving control strategy for truck platooning at signalized intersections.

Defense William van Lindonk

On Thursday September 10th, 2020, the (virtual) defense of the MSc thesis of William van Linkdonk took place. His thesis is Speed limits and their effect on capacity and deals with the analysis of data to determine the influence of different speed limits on the capacity of the road.